Making Some Changes!
    You may notice some changes to our players over the next few weeks. We are moving to new streaming hosts for better delivery options and improved sound quality. During the transition, our regular streams will remain on, but in a few weeks, we'll start taking them down, so if you aren't able to hear us because you have bookmarked our stream in your computer-based players, you'll need to re-download the new listen files, or use one of our new players which will help us keep the Boss rockin' and rollin' in lots of ways. If you have any issues at all, or questions about how the new players are working for you, please drop us a line by clicking the "start something" tab above. It is NORMAL to hear gaps of silence (unfortunately we have no control here over that) during some commercial breaks on some players. Thanks for your patience during the transition, and help us spread the word about Boss Boss Radio, Internet radio that's BOSS!
    Let The Domination Begin!
    This year, we're hoping to put Boss Boss Radio on the map! We're here on the internet for everyone to enjoy, free of charge and free of any subscriptions, for as long as you like (no throttling like other web-based music resources). But we need to tell the world about our little gem here. And there's where we all can lend a hand. Our Master Plan to dominate the world is simple: Tell everyone we know about Boss Boss Radio! We're working on some things to help with that message, including virtual and physical "swag" emblazoned with the Boss message. To start, we're giving away our vinyl window stickers. You need one!

    Boss Boss Radio is 100% Free Internet Radio!

    No subscriptions, no upgrades to a paid plan because we don't have one. You can enjoy The Boss Anywhere with your computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, even game consoles and wi-fi capable Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players. Anywhere you can enjoy streaming internet services, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus, you can listen to The Boss! To Listen Live: turn up your speakers and click one of the listen live options on the right side of the page




    This is what radio is supposed to sound like: Lot's of hit songs (thousands not hundreds) Live DJs that bring you the fun between the records, Fewer commercials (not 10 minutes in a row of spots) and FUN!

    There are thousands of radio stations, there are tens of thousands of internet stations, but you won't hear any that sound like The Boss! We're SFW (Safe for Work) and SFK (Safe for Kids). Check us out, and leave us on. We know you'll love our mix of Boss hits and Boss fun, now this is Boss!

    Join Boss Jock Wyatt Jennings for Vinyl Nuggets & Rare Gems Weekdays 3PM Pacific.


    The Boss counts down the Top Hits for a week in Boss history. The Boss 30 Wednesdays at 6PM Pacific.

    We began 2014 by playing the Boss 30 for each year of the 70s, according to Billboard Magazine. Here's a link to those Boss 30 Billboard Charts.

    Take The Boss With You!

    We're available on just about every mobile device imaginable: Tablets and Phones, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Wi Fi Blu-Ray Players and more! You just need an app to play us on your favorite device. You can even listen to us in your car (insructions below).

    TuneIn Radio Mobile App

    There are many streaming apps available, many for free too. We prefer the TuneIn Radio app available for most devices. The free version of the app is very good, and the sound quality is amazing, while the stream itself is rather small in size to accomodate less buffering and smaller data usage.

    Once you download and install the TuneIn Radio app, search for Boss Boss Radio (Oldies) from the Browse function. Once The Boss starts playing, you can save it as a "favorite" by clicking the heart icon. Once you save us as a favorite so the next time your start TuneIn on your phone or mobile device and you won't have to search for us again.

    Getting the music out of your phone and into your car stereo.

    There are several options, all of which will probably require a trip to the Radio Shack or electronics dept. at Target.

    1) Auxiliary input on your stereo unit - Many units now have an Aux port that you plug a mini-plug into from your phone, you can get a mini-plug wire from most electronics stores.

    2) FM Transmitter - If you don't have an Aux port, you can use a wireless FM transmitter, there are several on the market, some good, some just OK, ask a salesperson their opinion.

    3) Cassette Transmitter - If you have a cassette deck in your car, you can purchase a cassette transmitter. These are still available at most electronic stores.

    TuneIn, plug in and Boss on!

    4) Bluetooth-enabled Stereo units - If you have a current generation Bluetooth Stereo Unit in your car, you may be able to pair the audio output of your smartphone and listen wirelessly in your car.

    Need help? Fill out this form and one of our friendly tech geeks will be happy to try and answer your questions. If you have other methods that work for you, we'd love to hear them! Just add that to the comments of the form.




    iTunesWinampwindows Media PlayerReal Player


    Does not Auto-start, click Play Arrow


    Click above for our lower bitrate AAC+ stream if you have bandwidth issues. You will need to save the .pls file and launch it with iTunes, Windows Media Player or other device.


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