Boss Boss Radio was born from Top 40 radio of the 60s 70s and 80s; It’s radio that we spent most of our lives enjoying in our cars, on boom boxes, and even transistor radios under the covers late at night, trying to get a skip to a far off big city station and our favorite DJ playing the hits.

Life was in that magic box on our dashboard, and we shared it with our friends every time we drove to our favorite hangout, or spent an entire night cruising up and down the main street in town. We danced to its music at school dances, and later in clubs and discos. These songs are woven into our souls. Top 40 radio caused us to rise up as a generation and change our world with songs that raised our awareness, and helped us grow and love and comfort.

Thanks to the internet, there’s no need to catch a “skip” to hear those distant stations, we can now stream the Boss sounds around the world. Our crew of experienced radio pros brings your memories to life through story and song, 24 hours a day and around the world. If we sound familiar, that’s intentional. Our hope is to be a good friend that makes you feel good.

Our name pays homage to the great Top 40 radio style from those days. “Boss” was a term our generation came up with that meant something totally amazing, hip and cool. You might remember your favorite radio station referring to them self as “Boss Radio” or playing the “Boss Hits.” It’s an honor to bring Boss Radio back to life updated for a new day, yet familiar and comfortable. This is the way radio is supposed to sound!